New date!

ISD Cologne 2021

IASD - DGzPRsport - RWTH Aachen University

New date : May 20th. / 21th. 2022, Cologne, Germany

ISD Cologne 2022
DGzPRsport - IASD - RWTH Aachen University

May 20./ 2022

2. International Interdisciplinary Symposium Sports Dentistry


PhysioSport PACE
Schanzenstrasse 33
51063 Köln

The symposium reflects the current interdisciplinary level of knowledge in sports dentistry internationally and serves as an important network and contact forum for sports physicians, sports dentists, sports scientists, universities and associations.

Friday, May 20th. :
IASD / International Scientific Session 
President:  Prof. Ian Needleman, UCL, Vice-President: Prof. Jose Gonzales

Saturday, May 21th.:
DGzPRsport / Main Lecture Event  
President: Prof. Sven Reich, RWTH University Aachen, Vice-President: Dr. Holger Claas

 Previous Meetings:

ISD Leipzig 2019
DGzPRsport - IASD - University Leipzig

More than 250 international participants and guests of honor visited our symposium in Leipzig and followed the international presentations and lectures.

See you in Cologne 2022!